Success Stories

Dozens of industries. Countless projects. Our many amazing client success stories cover a wide span of direct mailing services and card production services.

A non-profit client found their direct mail was stale and ineffective. We examined their entire direct mail program including membership card packages, address labels, calendars, the need for affixing multiple stamps, pre-cancelled mail and more. After testing a number of options, we created a new and more effective direct mail program, which we continue to implement with them.

One of the world’s largest financial institutions needed MCT to produce millions of pieces of mail per month. To accommodate their request, we expanded our operations including adding additional equipment with high efficiency and accuracy, performed logical and physical security audits at our card manufacturing plant, and underwent extensive audit and security upgrades. Those additions and upgrades are now available for all of our clients.

A customer wanted to mail pre-funded gift cards. We explained the risks involved with mailing pre-funded cards, and how to activate the cards once they were received. Our client’s previous supplier had not provided any of that information, and our client was grateful and impressed by our accountability and thoroughness.

A client needed MCT to support a California state requirement of Prop 65 certified materials. We worked with our supply chain to develop, manufacture, test and approve this new material.

A private label credit card customer was paying too much for the printing of their cards. MCT came in and re-engineered their card construction, paying close attention to stringent personalization regulatory requirements.

A major insurance company needed a new direct mail printing services provider for their plastic cards, but had less than 30 days to switch. MCT got their direct mail program back up and running in time, while handling their plastic card production and embossing.

A large retailer held a reverse auction for their significant gift card business. They chose MCT due to our experience and cost. MCT now handles all their card production including manufacturing, personalization, affixing and a customized distribution system to track cards at the store level.