Comprehensive Direct Mail & Card Production Services

Direct Mail Services

The size and breadth of our direct mailing services is extraordinary. We can produce your next direct mail piece, faster and more affordably than you might think possible. From our sprawling mailing facility, we provide laser and bindery of continuous forms, generic and match affixing of cards to forms, specialty finishing services and inserting/seal/sort/mail. MCT has contracts in place to commingle and mail every day.

  • Fully secured facility with badge access control
  • Both simplex and duplex continuous form laser capabilities
  • Expansive inserting capacity
  • Read, print and insert into closed faced envelopes
  • Match affixing of cards to forms
  • Recognized by the USPS as a full service, eInduction and seamless entry acceptance

Our direct mail offerings include the following services.

Data processing is a critical component of any direct mail program, and our capabilities are astonishingly comprehensive. We provide both standard and custom programming.

  • Data processing and data management
  • CASSTM certification and NCOA
  • Standard casing for different output requirements
  • Custom casing for specific client needs
  • Mail tracking/traceable programming
  • Rules-based data manipulation (nth select, random select)
  • Output file generation for various personalization formats
  • Digital proofing of form personalization
At MCT, we will always find you the best price, and rely on data-driven resources to ensure the best results.

  • Data analysis used to optimize postage savings between drop ship, commingle or co-pal
  • Process first-class mail, marketing and non-profit mail
  • MCT is flexible and nimble; we can optimize mail for the maximum postage discount, and meet your in-home dates
  • Full service, eInduction and seamless acceptance approved by USPS
Whether you are looking for high-volume continuous form imaging or a postcard mailing with a clean release card, MCT will get your project in the mail, on time.

Continuous Form Laser Imaging​

  • Simplex and duplex laser imaging
  • MICR imaging capabilities

Bindery​ Services

  • Bindery of continuous forms with or without pin feeds
  • Bindery of continuous forms with gutter and chip-out
  • Multiple fold formats (including fold to #10, 6 x 9, slit and nest, interleave and fold, double right angle fold, gate fold and double gate fold)

Self-Mailer & Postcard Imaging

  • Inkjet address information for postcards
  • Affix and image in-line variable data on card
  • Simplex, duplex inkjet plastic, paper postcards and self-mailers
  • Spot and line gluing of self-mailers
  • Plow folding and wafer sealing
At MCT we specialize in card affixing and Label-Aire® type affixing, with an emphasis on card related products. We can also affix specialty items.

Card Affixing

  • ​Generic affix 1 or 2 cards to forms
  • Camera-match cards to forms
  • Visual-match embossed cards to forms
  • Read, image and affix cards to forms
  • Camera match card face up or face down
  • Affix card to inside panel and fold
  • Image postcard, affix card and image card

Label-Aire Affixing

  • Affix single or multiple stamps to envelopes
  • Affix clean release cards to forms
  • Affix labels to forms
  • Image postcard, affix clean release card/label, and image card/label
Our print capabilities range from high-volume inserting through complex match inserting with read and write requirements.

  • High volume inserting up to 12 inserts
  • Read and write match inserting
  • Read and read match inserting
  • Complex match inserting of multiple personalized inserts
    • In-home or mail-date driven

Card Production

As a large volume card manufacturer, we can do it all. We provide card production services including manufacturing, personalizing, affixing and fulfillment.

  • Fully-secured facility for both card manufacturing and personalization
  • PCI compliant for card manufacturing—we are an approved supplier for manufacturing both EMV (Contact and Dual Interface) and Non-EMV financial products
  • In-house printing, imaging, affixing, mailing and distribution—schedules are flexible
  • Flexible manufacturing capabilities to accommodate small and large production runs
  • Card personalization, affixing and special packaging and fulfillment available to comply with third-party packaging and fulfillment requirements
  • MCT welcomes utilization of a single service or all services, depending on the client’s needs
We work with end customers, agencies and resellers

  • Loyalty card printing, gift card printing, secured and non-secured card printing and more
  • Manufacture cards of various thicknesses ranging from 10mil to 55mil
  • Surface printed UV cured cards on materials up to 30mil
  • Substrates include (but are not limited to) PVC​, Paper C1S, rPVC (recycled PVC), Styrene and engineered paper
  • In-house printing using both UV litho and silkscreen presses
  • Litho printing of up to 6 colors in a single pass, but capable of multiple passes of print to accommodate more complex designs
  • Silkscreen printing of a range of products including metallic or pearl flood coatings, pre-lamination specialty inks, post-lamination overprints, scented inks, color-shifting inks, glow-in-the-dark and signature panels
  • Standard and specialty card sizes
    • High-die punches available for CR80 (2.125″ x 3.375″), 3-up keytags, luggage tags and various corner hole punches
    • PMC dies available for UV coated CR80, alternate corner radius, and specialty sizes with or without unique outer cut requirements
    • Steel-rule dies are used when flexibility is needed for specialty card and keytag combinations
  • Foil stamping, hot stamp signature panels, holograms or custom designs—full sheet foil stamp are available for large projects or non-standard size cards
  • Chip milling/embedding for contact cards
  • Magnetic stripes (HiCo or LoCo) in standard or custom colors
MCT offers personalization and finishing as a single service or an add-on with card printing.

  • Extensive experience with 3rd party distribution of gift cards
  • Work with data from processors and program managers in a secure data environment, utilizing various encryption methods and secured FTP

Card Personalization Options

  • Embossing, variable and static
  • DOD imaging with plasma treatment allows for flexibility in substrate imaging
  • Magnetic stripe encoding​
  • Scratch-off
  • In-line affix and DOD image
  • Thermal imaging

Fulfillment Services

  • Affixing of activation labels
  • Batch and shrink wrap, batch and box cards, and card on carrier
  • Generic affix card to carrier
  • Match affix card to carrier
  • B2B fulfillment with tracking
  • B2C fulfillment. Match affix and mail